About us...

Whichever business and ideas you have, there is always a way to use the Internet to promote it and market your products. We are here to help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time and make the most of the resources available useful to you. Our e-commerce experience and knowledge will save you precious time and money !

KP SOLUTIONS Ltd. has been working in e-commerce sector since 2013. Kaspars Pudāns , CEO and chief consultant , has been working in the field of e-commerce since 2008. Kaspars started his selling over internet business while still living and working in United Kingdom, back in in 2013. During that time he had gained the experience and knowledge of working with EBAY and AMAZON trading platforms, as well as working with the establishment and development of the company's online store. 

In 2013, Kaspars returned to Latvia, where he established several online stores for himself, and later had helped to establish them for his first clients in the field of e-commerce consulting. Currently, KP SOLUTIONS SIA is operating an online shop www.labammiegam.lv which is made and run on SHOPIFY platform. Also, the company has active EBAY and AMAZON selling accounts in Europe

Since the autumn of 2017 KP SOLUTIONS SIA has put more emphasis on the consulting side of its business operations. It is quickly becoming one of the e-commerce consulting leaders in Latvia. The main main field of activity has been transferred to consulting and organizing training on Internet Retail issues, for both private individuals and enterprises. In February 2018, the e-commerce information resource www.kpsol.lv was launched. The company also actively cooperates with other e-commerce specialists and service providers both in Latvia and abroad, in order to be able to offer its clients the highest quality services and solutions at all times.

Since the launch of our consulting business we have successfully helped our clients, both in Latvia and abroad, to start offering and selling their products and services via the Internet. Our scope of services ranges from simpler internet consulting and market opportunities analysis for a company, service or product, to specific and tailored training, tutoring and mentoring on the most popular online trading platforms to date - EBAY, AMAZON and SHOPIFYWe help every new, as well as seasoned, online entrepreneur to quickly develop their online business, especially if the product target market is from outside of Latvia.

Our clients include private individuals who are just planning to start their entrepreneurial careers, as well as seasoned legal entities - existing companies and self-employed individuals who see the Internet as the next step in developing their product marketing efforts, or the ones who need specific innovative moves introduced into their existing business processes and market acquisition. Sellers looking for ways to reduce their dependence on the local market alone.

We regularly improve our knowledge base both in practice and through various educational seminars, courses, lectures, conferences and exhibitions.

We will help you find the e-commerce solution that is right for you and put it into practice much faster and more efficiently than if you do it all by yourself.

For more information on training, tutoring, available times and costs* - please email  [email protected]  or call  +371 20638563 .

* -  How to Earn a Million Easy?  Get Rich Quick Courses, Systems and Training... IS NOT What We Offer!  

We offer you the skills and experience which will help you to think independently and work effectively with the tools available on the Internet, to help help you in your day-to-day business activities. How to make a million in your business is best known to yourself.