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Nowadays, products or services are increasingly being traded and purchased on the Internet. They can be found on specially designed websites, as well as on various internet trading platforms and stores. Internet is one of the top selling channels for any modern entrepreneur. 

Via the Internet, an entrepreneurs can reach its target customers for their product or service worldwide in the shortest possible time, and often without a significant financial investment. This is especially important for the entrepreneurs based in the countries, where the market is relatively small from the outset due to the relatively small population within those countries. Internet commerce - e-commerce, is the fastest way for such entrepreneurs to start exporting their products outside their local market and reduce their dependence on that internal market. We believe that this is the only way a beginning producer can successfully develop in the long run.

The Internet also offers great opportunities for testing a product in the market before it is launched into mass-production. Buyers' mentality is very different worldwide. For example, someone who is trading well in the UK may not be as successful in Germany or France, or vice versa. The solutions available today via the Internet offer a great opportunity for an entrepreneur to test it all in small steps, without having to spend significant amounts on producing or buying a large quantity of product or employing additional staff, or investing heavily in the marketing activities. Internet offers anyone to start in a step-by-step mode. 

What if the product is not eligible for direct online sales? In such cases, the Internet still remains important part in the development of the enterprise. It still allows the widest possible audience to find the information about your product, service and brand, which helps to find new business partners for the business dealings offline.

Our main specialization is - AMAZON, EBAY and SHOPIFY internet selling platforms.

In addition to our on-going services, we also offer online consulting and tutoring of various types and scopes, along with courses on online retailing via AMAZON, EBAY and SHOPIFY platforms.

Our experience in the field of online retailing is expanding since 2008. Our current clients are mainly from Latvia, but we are also very open to collaborate with every willing entrepreneur from abroad. Apart from the work we can carry out ourselves, we also successfully collaborate with other professionals in our field - software developers, programmers, internet marketers, lawyers and accountants, thus enabling us to offer you a very wide range of services and possible solutions for your online business.

Also, on our site you will find engaging  blog  posts - practical tips and tutorials on various aspects related to the internet and e-commerce itself.

Our E-commerce consulting services are accessible and suitable for private individuals and businesses of any size. Let's work together!


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